Classes at NWGC

Pre-School with parent (Structured)

Monday and Friday 9.30-10.30

This one-hour class is designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening, social skills as well as balance, co-ordination and strength through fun gymnastics oriented activities (an adult is expected to actively participate with their child). This class is offered to children from 18 months old to 3 1/2 years old.


Pre-School without parent (Structured)

Wednesday and Friday 10.30-11.30

This one-hour class is the introduction to basic gymnastics skills with 3 levels to achieve. The Pre-School Proficiency Resources and Awards scheme is designed by professionals from the sport of gymnastics and the world of education for use in pre-school environments. Activities include tumbling, low bar, floor beam, high beam, trampoline and motor skills. This class is offered to children aged 3 1/2 years old to school age and is a beneficial class for a great transition from pre-school with parent to the after school gymnastics classes.


General Gymnastics (Girls/Boys)

Monday-Friday 4-8 Saturday 9-1

This one-hour class consists of basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics skills. We ensure development of core skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. To provide the gymnast with extra motivation, they have the option to earn rewards for their achievements in the form of certificates, badges and medals once a year (2 awards may be taken at once if appropriate). Activities include vault, bars, beam (parallel bars - boys) and tumbling. This class is offered from school age and up.


General Competition Groups (Girls & Boys)

Classes are for children who are at the level to compete in at least 3 pieces of apparatus at a General Gymnastics Competition which leads to Regional Finals. They will be offered either 1 or 2 classes per week depending on which level (1-5) they have reached. They will also take part in the Advanced Award Scheme, the scheme offers a range of activities including Fitness, Floor, Vault & Rebound, Apparatus, Pairs & Groups, Hand Held Apparatus and Dance & Aerobics. 


Girls Intermediate Squad

2 sessions per week for gymnasts who are either competing at General Gymnastics Competitions or are working towards the Artistic Route, or Gymnasts who are already competing at the British Gymnastics Grades and Voluntary Levels with less emphasis on competing twice a year.


Development Squads Girls

2-7 hours per week depending on age for invited or trialled gymnasts only.  This session is designed for gymnasts who hope to compete in the British Club, Regional Grades and Voluntary Levels Competitions when they reach 7/8 in the year of the competition. They will learn routines on bars, beam and floor and progressions for vault. Flexibility and strength training plays a large part in these classes and emphasis is on learning the correct shapes ready for the next stage of development. Once they turn 7/8 years their session days will change depending on which route they will continue on. (See Flow Chart)


Girls Progressive Squads

Up to 9 hours of training per week designed for gymnasts who have potential to join the Competition Squad. They will be expected to compete at least 2 competitions per year and must reach a desirable score in order to upgrade to the next level/grade each year. 


Girls Competition Squads

Minimum 3-hour sessions, for a minimum of 9 hours per week. For girls aged 7 upwards who compete in British Club Grades, Voluntary Levels and various other competitions around the country. Most gymnasts will also be members of County Squad.


Leadership Academy

An Academy for young people aged 11+ within NWGC who want to develop their leadership skills. The group will have their own constitution and committee members. They will meet throughout the year and help plan and attend events, complete training and socialise as a group.


Schools Gymnastics Development

This strategy brings together Gymnastics Development for schools in North Walsham and surrounding areas. Schools can bring students for a one-off session, or weekly development sessions, making full use of all the equipment with the support of our staff and the available staff of the school. Working together increases the opportunity for the students to succeed with their personal development including co-ordination, balance, strength, flexibility, stamina and confidence.


Birthday Parties

This is an excellent way to celebrate a child’s birthday. A structured party is run by members of our highly qualified coaching team with the first 50 minutes to include a warm up, games and the opportunity to experience the equipment and 25 minutes play time. The final 45 minutes are for refreshments and food upstairs in the gallery, provided by the parents.

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