NWGC Closure Policy/Procedure

Closure of the Gymnastics Club may be necessary at certain times of the year for prevailing weather conditions; or other special circumstances. This action is taken either to prevent damage to the club or to ensure the safety of gymnasts and other persons on the premises.

Adverse Weather Closure

Conditions for closure may include:

  • Temperature of the gymnastics hall (below or above recommended)
  • Snow or ice on the carpark
  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • No gas deliveries
  • Flooding in the gymnasium, car park or road leading up to the facility
  • Electrical storm or High winds


Other conditions including weather but not restricted to may also have cause for closure ie -Smoke/Fire/Excessive noise (failure of alarm silencer(s)) to our or other adjoining properties.


Other Circumstances

Conditions for closure may include:

  • Guidance / Ruling from Local Authority /  National Health Service / Parliament


Procedure to inform members

Once the decision to close the Club has been made, the official responsible for the decision is to ensure that:

(i) The “Gym Closed” sign is placed on the door to the entrance of the gym (if accessible), and Club website, social media platforms are updated and emails are sent to members of sessions affected. Notifications will be sent each day the club is affected and emails will not be sent for 'gym open'.

(ii) The Club Office Staff, Coaches, Welfare Officers and volunteers are advised of the action taken.

(iii) If a competition or event is affected, the official responsible for the decision is to inform the event organiser at the earliest opportunity.

(iv) If the reason for closure implies a threat or danger to gymnasts already in the facility, the official responsible for the decision is to take immediate action and use the 'FIRE' evacuation procedure.

Refunds and Make-Up sessions

In the event of a closure the official responsible for the decision will ensure that all participants affected will have an alternative session arranged.

In exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the directors, or gymnasts with multiple sessions affected a refund will be given.

Updated and Reviewed 14th March 2020

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