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North Walsham Gymnastics Club is committed to the safety and security of the gymnasts attending .  We understand that parents/carers like to watch their gymnast train, developing new skills and routines and whilst we do not wish to discourage this, we as a club must ensure that the safety and security of the gymnast is not compromised.



Welfare Officer: Pat Johnson (01692 405416)

Parent Liaison & 2nd Welfare Officer: Donna Yarham (07920 114560)

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VIEWING POLICY (Updated Sept 2019)

  1. If your gymnast attends less than 4 hours a week, if you would like to stay to watch a gymnastics session, please use the viewing window/gallery.
  1. If your gymnast attends a 2hour session twice a week you are only permitted to watch ONE of your child’s sessions per week.
  1. If your gymnast attends 5+ hours in an artistic squad you may watch ONE session per week EXCLUDING SATURDAYS. There is NO VIEWING ON A SATURDAY.
  1. Please note this is monitored and if you are trying to watch more than your permitted sessions you will be asked to leave.
  1. There may be weeks/sessions that the club decide are ‘no viewing’ weeks. This may be for a number of reasons and will be communicated to parents in advance and we ask that all parents respect the club’s decisions. For example: In the 6 weeks leading up to an artistic competition, there will be NO VIEWING of any sessions.
  1. Parents should not ‘coach’ their child/ren from the viewing area.
  1. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO PHOTOGRAPH OR FILM ANY CHILD/REN DURING A SESSION. This is a direct contravention of child safety, which as a club we take very seriously.
  1. You (parent/carer) are responsibly for any siblings or other children that accompany you whilst you watch a session. They must be under your constant supervision at all times. Please ensure children do not knock on the windows or cause a distraction to the gymnasts.
  1. We expect parents to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner whilst watching any sessions regarding the gymnasts, coaches and other parents present or absent at the time of viewing.
  1. Watching your child/ren can be an enjoyable experience, to see their progress etc, however some children (especially younger children) can be very easily distracted which can be dangerous for the gymnast. With this in mind, whilst watching your child/ren we request that you do not wave or intentionally try and get their attention, knock on the viewing window during their session due to the risk of injury.
  1. NWGC is happy to allow parents/carers to watch their child’s session – however if there are repeated incidents of not adhering to our Viewing Policy or a serious breach of the Viewing or any other Child Safety Policy we will have no choice but to stop the individual(s) involved from watching their child’s session. In this situation parents/carers will be invited in for a discussion with the Head Coach and the Welfare Team to resolve any situation, however repeated violations or a serious breach may result in a permanent ban.
  1. NO parents are to enter the gym unless a coach or welfare officer requests you.
  1. Please do not allow children to run up and down the stairs as this can be potentially dangerous.
  1. If you use the tuckshop/tea and coffee area, please ensure that you dispose of all your rubbish in the bins provided and the area is left clean and tidy.
  1. If you have any Welfare related concerns or questions please email or call Pat (01692 405416) or Donna (07920114560)
  1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the coaching of your child please email


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