Home Conditioning and workouts.

We'd love your gymnast to be able to complete some home conditioning at this time whilst the gym is closed.  PLEASE discourage your gymnast from any new or advanced moves - even if they can flic or somersault in the gym they should not be attempting these without a qualified coach and the correct training conditions (for example; performing a flic on a sprung floor is very different to trying it in the garden which is extremely risky - you'd be amazed how much that lovely looking grass can feel like concrete when you land incorrectly - the NHS has enough to contend with at this time so please just stick to basic conditioning and stretching, it will be safer and in the long run far more benficial to your gymnast.


Please find below some links and videos to help keep your gymnast continue with basic training:

Printable version. Spell your first middle and last name. Challenge your family members. Combinations endless!
home alphabet conditioning.docx
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Core and arms workout
In this video you can copy one of our senior gymnasts Lily who will take you through a range of exercises using your core and arms. See if you can complete it twice in a row.
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